Monday, 31 January 2011

A recipe and two pics and embroidery

 I have been going through my old magazines looking for different recipes, healthier recipes.  I made this recipe from one of my old Clean Eating Magazines.
It actually has really good flavor, though I may add a little more of the spices next time.  I did not put in the leeks, well, because I did not have any.
Needless to say, the mister did not want to even try it.  C'est la vie.

Here is the beginning of the embroidery of the sketch that I made last week.  This is going to be an apron when I'm done.  I have tons of black linen that can be used up.  It's going to be just a basic half apron with some trim and such.  I'm winging it to look like what I am envisioning.  When it is finished, I may just give it away as a gift. 

This is from Saturday morning's workout.
It's just too cold and snowy to walk to the gym today.
I know, I'm being uber wuss.

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