Monday, 10 January 2011

Progress Photos

Since we have ungodly cold temperatures today and about a foot of snow outside, I will not be walking to the gym today. Besides, I have some contract work to do. I will get in a mini home workout later today. I feel like I am lacking some pics, so I decided to show some old photos that show how I am progressing.

I swore that I would not post this photo, but I feel that it helps show my progression so far. This is taken from August of last year. Oh my, right?!

So, I started making small changes to eat more clean. You know, eat whole, pure as unprocessed as possible foods. I will not lie, I still have my days where I binge on sugar and fries and beer. I feel, though, that they are getting fewer and further between. I just feel like poop afterwards.

Here's one that I took in November. Gratuitous skivvy shot! I can tell where I'm starting to lean out and am looking less puffy, especially in my pumpkin face.

Then, here is the pic from last week, after my workout. Getting a little better, though my thighs will always be my biggest area. Slowly but surely, I will get those big boys down.

1 comment:

v8grrl said...

Pumpkin face...ooooh please.

You are looking great. better than great...AWESOME.
I can't believe you posted that picture, you have balls as big as your head!
I jest I jest

Love you so much!!!