Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A little of this & a little of that

This was my path today on my walk to the gym. Even the public walking trail/bike trails are still funky. It made my walking time go down. What the heck, extra calories burned, right?

This is me on arrival, minus my gloves. I was bundled like a burrito. I packed my running shoes in my backpack to change into when I got to the gym. Needless to say, I had worn my snow boots for the walk there and back. (I love my leopard fuzzy hat!)

Now, here's me thawed out and workout ready!

Sadness occurred, though when I accidentally hit 'end workout' instead of pause. So, there was a mile and a half walk home that was unaccounted for on my nike+ipod. Booooo!

I did discover that my new iPod nano (Christmas present) has a pedometer. When you plug that into Itunes, well you can visit yet another Nike + ipod site called Nike + Active. So, now, I may have to try using my built in pedometer and see how that works.

Now, I'm working on icky contract work. I'm also thinking that I want to look up some seafood crepe recipes. I think that may be what's for dinner tonight.

Plus, I've been perusing the seed catalogs online. Oh what fun new veggies, fruits and herbs I have discovered! I feel an order coming on!!

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