Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A little more of this & that

Every month or so, my husband comes home with goodies of some sort. This month, it was a mixed bouquet.

and yummy chocolates. Um, yes, there are some missing. We've indulged the past two nights.

Today, in lieu of going to the gym, I bundled up and walked to the thrift store. I'm so happy that I did. I scored this sequinned bonanza for $6.99. It's modern, but oh so sparkly!!

Next, I found this vintage beauty. The old tag says 100% pure silk, and check out those sparkly sequins! This score was only $4.99!

Here's a close up. It looks more red than it actually is because of being on my red sewing manequin, but it's all sorts of tones of pinks, reds, magentas...

This is what I had on under my coat. I clicked a pic in one of the thrift store mirrors, snazzy with my snow boots! Hey, at least it's different from my bathroom pics. And don't giggle too much, I needed those for the three miles of trekking through the snow that is still not cleared.

I was admiring all of the bags of old yarn behind me, specifically the thick rug yarn! Oh, and the little hat I'm wearing is one that I crocheted a few years ago. YaaY

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Betsy (formerly Gingerella) said...

Excellent thrift shop scores!