Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Just waiting on spring

My husband has been busily toiling on our new garden boxes. We currently have 3 boxes.
Here was our beginning boxes last year. I also had onion and mint just growing willy-nilly in the ground. Here is what will be some of our new boxes. You can see the dried up onions and mint - which never fail to return every year. They will be dug up and put into one of the new boxes. We are adding three more of the plain ones. Then, we are adding 2 of these horse-shoe shaped ones with cold frame tops. We bought two of these kits at the end of summer at Lowe's on clearance for $60. This was way cheaper than just buying the amount of wood that came in the kits, cedar at that. They will each have little storage stools too. You can see one of them on top of our delapidated picnic table.

We have been getting more varied seeds as well. We'll be able to start our seeds indoors come March, YaaaY! I'm looking forward to trying my hand at canning too!

We have plans for building a sitting area with arbors so that we can either grow grapes or vining kiwi plants. Do you know what this means? Yep, trying to make our own wine!

We have found recipes on making your own cheese and yogurt. We'll see how that turns out sooner or later too!

I so need a mini farm.

On a side note, I am downsizing my burlesque time. It's fun, but I need to scale back a tad. Doing too many shows, so many late nights, so much costuming just wears my butt out. I need to reign it back so that it does not begin to feel like a job and continues to be fun. =)

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SusieQT said...

Great cold frame boxes. We left ours out one year with baby lettuce growing in it all winter. It actually survived here in the Northeast. This year we have had too much snow and the glass would've broken.

Canning is so much fun. It's hard work but so rewarding- you'll love it!