Thursday, 6 January 2011

Gym pics + more

Here are today's pics. I would have had some from Tuesday, but my phone was acting all super crazy and would not take a picture. I did go to the gym Sunday morning and Tuesday and today. Not too shabby!

Also, my friend from home called me today. I have been debating going home to run the Crescent City Classic the Saturday before Easter. She called to send me some info and to see if I was going to come or not. She'd do it with me, and that in itself would be a blast! Taking the next two weeks to decide if I can commit ~~~ and have the finances to do it!

Tummy is getting a little flatter! YaaY!!

These are my new, old dishes. I won them on ebay. They are from the 60s, milk glass, Federal Golden Glory. I got a 32 piece set. I believe it originally served 6. I believe that because there are six of everything except the dinner places and soup/salad bowls. I love the little dessert bowls. It has a sugar cup and creamer too. As I washed them all yesterday, rearranged my cabinets and made a box for Goodwill, or some other organization, of old pieces, I noticed how much smaller dinner plates were back then as compared to the plates we buy today. That could explain something with our huge serving sizes we allot ourselves.

I have been excitedly planning our gardens for the spring. We may buy some seeds to try some, weird and unusual veggies too. I wish planting time were here already!


SusieQT said...

I'm looking forward to spring too- and once those seed catalogs start arriving I'm hopeless. I want one of everything!

Those dishes are really neat- never seen them before!

Amanda said...

Congrats on your hard work! The dishes are very cute, too.

Ally said...

Keep up the good work. I love the dishes set!