Friday, 21 January 2011

Gardening - weeds to edible treasures

My yard is hopeless with trying to have that lush green grass. Our yard is full of dandelions and this bugger.

This is the common mallow. Invasive, hard to get rid of and full of edible parts. I have been researching this bugger since we moved in three years ago. I have come to find out that the leaves are edible, they say somewhat like spinach. The little seed pods are nibbles. The flowers as well. The root can be boiled and whipped like egg whites to use as a substitute. The leaves can be dried and made into tea or cooked, but have a slimy texture somewhat like okra. All I have to say is that come spring, yes, I will be trying it out. I will post things that I try out whenever they begin their journey to take over the yard. Maybe I will not hate them as much if I can actually use them.

Then as I mentioned, there is the plethera of these babies,

photo borrowed from http://www.vintagesavoirfaire


I know the leaves are also edible, and teas can also be made from them and the flowers. While perusing Vintage Savoir Faire, I came across a recipe for Dandelion Syrup! Oh yes, this is on my list as well when they begin to bloom in spring and summer. I have also found recipes for Dandelion wine......

Heck, if I cannot get that typical manicured backyard, well, I'll take advantage of what's growing. Hence, also why we are making so many garden boxes and growing areas. We are also looking for practical ways to collect rain and snow to keep for watering. I use alternative dish cleaners and sometimes use rinse water and water from rinsing veggies and hands to water as well. (We do not have a dishwasher, and I place a bucket in my sink to wash dishes). I try to use baking soda instead of soaps when I am going to use it as "plant water". I have read that it is good for plants, and it is not like I'm pouring an entire box on the garden.

Today, I am somewhat tempted to try to make my own yogurt, the Lazy Way to Make Yogurt. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I am kind of thinking about changing some of my beauty products like in those links I showed yesterday. Maybe I'll try making my own bath bombs or toners or moisurizers to begin with. I think I'll have a hard time finding alternatives to my beloved liquid liner though...

And here's a pic from yesterday, in my bathroom. And yes, I am wearing a "Walking Dead" tee. I freaking love that show, and have read the comic since the beginning! ~hearts~

I have not been to the gym since Monday, booo. I will probably go tomorrow morning. Slacker.

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