Monday, 24 January 2011

Crafty stuff, suggestions?

I decided to spare you the rabbit pictures and recipe today.  I'll go through that another day. 

Remember my Recycle and Old Tee post from the other day?  Well this time my mum-in-law sent hubby a XXL tee... wowza!  Seriously, he's just a large tee because he likes them roomy.  I have no idea why they think he would wear shirts this big.  I finally told her that the shirts are way to large, lol.   But anyway, this one I am thinking of upcycling into a dress or tank dress or something.  I'm still debating on what style I would like to go with.  I have been browsing the almighty web for ideas.  If you have suggestions, please let me know.  This tee has the Guinness logo, woohoo!  I am going to try and save as much of that as I can, and I would like to use the darker colored trim, as well.  Here's the shirt currently.

Just as a fun picture, here is the little cart that I use for my trips walking to and from the grocery.  Today was a light load.  I'm thinking of decorating it with fake flowers and such like I did my bicycle.

Today, well, work sent a few things, but I'm tackling cleaning the oven with a natural recipe - basically baking soda, salt and lemon.  Also, going to bake the weekly bread and make breadcrumbs out of last week's loaf to throw in the fridge for later use. I took leftover boneless turkey breast that I had roasted, shredded it, and made a turkey salad using my homemade yogurt instead of mayo.  It was yum! 

Thinking about what I want to make for my "pay it forward" people to send out this year.  I have so many ideas swirling through my head.  I have three folks, and I'm thinking it may be something quirky but useful....

I need to get started on Crafting for a Cause for Project Thrive soon as well!


Michelle Baldwin said...

My pal has been taking old tees and making them into pencil skirts! Super cute and easy!

Lapetitemort said...

That's my next project! I saw some cool ones browsing the web, so that's going to be the next thing that I tackle.