Monday, 10 January 2011

Craftiness - Crochet

I learned the basic crochet stitches from my Nanny when I was young. For those of you not familiar, "Nanny" is the term for Godmother in Louisiana. "Paran" is the term for Godfather. So to clarify, I was not raised with a Nanny, as in Governess. Since moving up here to Colorado, I have been asked that on quite a few occasions.

But back to my point, my Nanny taught me the basics of crochet. She also knitted. So did my father's mother and my mother (crochet). I have been wanting to learn to knit, but I decided that since I already had the basics of crocheting, why not just expound on that hobby?

I got myself this highly recommended book for beginner crocheters. It also came with some yarn and needles and markers. I figured that would just be langiappe since I already have skeins of yarn and some needles tucked away in a huge rubbermaid of crafting supplies.

Hopefully, I will be able to take some time to get crafty and make something granny-tabulous!


Amanda said...

I need to kick up my crafting. Great progress photos. I don't know how you can do it. I can't drag myself to the gym once a week let alone nearly every day.

P.S. - Sorry about your Saints. I can't believe they didn't go further in the playoffs. I thought for sure they'd at least make it to the finals.

Best Wishes,

Lapetitemort said...

Thanks =)

I was hoping for them to get there, but I hate to say with all the years past - I sort of am used to it. =\

Betsy (formerly Gingerella) said...

Show us the finished product when you're done! I want to learn to crochet too, after I beef up my fledgling knitting skills.