Saturday, 22 January 2011

Birds & Blooms inspired craft

I was reading my most recent copy of Birds & Blooms magazine.  There are always tons of homemade things and craft ideas.  One blurb was how one lady takes her pieces of thread, yarn and little scraps of fabrics and puts them in a container for birds to come and take for nest building.  It got me thinking, and I came up with this idea.

I took an empty grits cardboard container, cleaned it out and cut random openings in it.

Next, I took some old craft paint in bright colors and painted away.  I am taking some twine to pass through the top openings so that I can hang it in the back yard. 

I am going to place it by my sewing, crafting area right now so that I can fill it will little bits and then put it outside in the spring.  We'll see if it works.

Here's todays gym pic.  I did 5 miles, stopping 3 times for 2 minute breaks, and I played with the incline on the treadmill during my run too.  Beware, no makeup!

I made the Lazy Way to Make Yogurt  yesterday.  It was a little runnier than I like my yogurt, but I think it's because I made it too late in the day.  My 'warm' spot got cold when I went to bed.  Next time, I'll start it in the morning that way it can thicken better!

Lastly, I am photographing cooking today.  Rabbit stew, so vegetarians may not want to read tomorrow.  And Sam informed me that a guy he works with may be bringing him squirrel, intact.  Um, that cleaning will be left to Sam.

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