Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Another tee up-cycle, gym pic and blahs

This was a small men's tee (Walking Dead!) that I altered to be off the shoulder with a little girly detail.  It actually fits me more form-fitting than it does my dress form.

I actually think it looks cute on.  It especially will with rolled up jeans and wedges!  ~Come on spring!!

Here's today's gym pic.... early morning squeeze in.  My Ipod + Nike gadget needs to be calibrated.  The treadmill had 2.01 miles and my little Ipod said 2.87 miles.

And, I just went into our bathroom downstairs/laundry room.  There is water trickling from the light fixture above the medicine cabinet and the medicine cabinet was filled with water.  Upon inspection in the bath directly above, neither the sink nor toilet are leaking.... Pipe broken in wall, ugh!!  First new roof, then new hot water heater, now this? Poop, poop, poop....

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