Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Thrifting Find

Don't know if they are truly vintage or not. I just remember my mom having some very similar in brown. These are my favorite color, green. At 49 cents each, I could not pass them up.

I also picked up two paperbacks (Eat, Pray Love and Memoirs of a Geisha - loved the movie and have always wanted to read the book).

The sweater selection was crazy awesome. So many of lambs wool, silk, rabbit, Italian wool. I only picked up two out of about five I pulled off the racks because it seems my boobs are too big for Ann Taylor Loft Petites.... damn it because there were tons. I also got a snazzy vintage nightie. I never wear nightgowns but this one is pretty enough to maybe change my mind.

There was a huge selection of really old thigh hi's in the original packages. You know, the kind that do not have stretchy, elastic tops - the kind you actually have to use a garter belt with. Unfortunately, they were all for really tall folks. One pack was open, so I pulled them out to see if I could make them work. The toe was on the floor and they came up to about, yeah, my waist. Bummer. So, I picked up a pair of more modern thigh high fishnets in black.

Love this thrift store about 2 miles from the house. I really have to go up there more. Maybe I will and take pics of the two vintage Singer sewing machines in their wooden cases, a 1900 and a 1948. =)

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Amanda said...

Sounds like some great finds.