Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Old School Crafty Style

I decided to decorate the old school style. I've been using scraps of wrapping paper to make the old paper chain garland. The angel was my mom & dad's original topper to their tree when they were first married.

We got our first Christmas card so I decided to start displaying them the way my mom did when I was a kid. I went through the craft stash and found this stretchy gold ribbon (trim). Wrapped that around the curtain rod and clothes pinned the card to the ribbon.

Here's a shot of our 3'6" silver tree. My mom actually has my grandmother's aluminum tree, which I adore and lust after. We settled on this one from Big Lots a few years ago for $19.99. We don't have enough room in our itty bitty living room for a big tree anyway.

And after two weeks of le funk, I finally hit the gym yesterday. Here's the gym bathroom shot.
Might I just add that I kept waking up last night from the soreness. It just goes to show what two weeks of sedentary, slothness goes to do to one. Maybe I'll hit the weights again tomorrow, today though, um no.

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v8grrl said...

I worked out today...i tried yesterday, couldn't even get through a minute of squats! Today I finished the entire leg circuit, now my ass feels like jello.

the little mantle looks adorable. I told Bobby to get his butt downstairs and find my silver tree and color wheel...he rolled his eyes and said we all ready have the big tree up~

I think I'll put the silver at the top of the stair */\*