Thursday, 2 December 2010

My thoughts wander to dishes

I'm having dish issues. I have a love for all things Halloween. We often buy ceramic cups, plates, bowls during Halloween. This year, I'm sorely disappointed. The pieces that I bought this year, well, the paint is already chipping off. Booo.

I'm seriously considering chucking a good portion of my dishes and replacing them with vintage pieces. I have three places of this weird green color that I love. I originally had one that was my aunt's. Over the years, I have found two more on my thrifting adventures.

We also have some of these pieces which were my mother-in-laws.

Last time that I wandered around on Broadway, I came across some really awesome sets. One was similar to this.

I wouldn't buy them because I kept thinking, "I have enough dishes." I keep pondering though. We actually do not have a full set of anything. So, my thoughts are leaning toward donating almost all of my "modern" dishes and buying a cool vintage set. I'll have to keep an eye open on my next few thrift store runs. If I find "IT" then, I just may do that!

So, as my German Shepherd is barking incessantly and my mixed breed sits calmly gnawing a bone as the clatter continues on the roof, I think that I shall sit and browse photos of pretty things.


v8grrl said...

the second set there...
We have...I've been using them forever as our daily table ware.
Love them have the entire set them combines some other Blue retroware with them

used to be able to find stuff like that everywhere, not so much now.


Amanda said...

You can never have too many dishes. Especially cute ones like those.