Sunday, 12 December 2010

Joining in to help - Crafting for a cause

I get Bust Magazine. It's always packed to the brim with fun crafts, craft sites and charity sites. This past issue had a small article about Project Thrive and its Days for Girls initiative. Basically, they are asking crafty type people to create Hygiene Kits. What's a hygiene kit, you ask? Well, go to the site! They are asking people to create washable sanitary pads to provide for girls in places where getting your period means not going to school or work, just sitting in their home waiting for the end. Some girls/women have even caused major infections trying to make something for themselves out of old mattress stuffing and other materials that just aren't meant to be used in that manner.

What if not having feminine supplies kept you isolated during menstruation?

• No study for days.
• No income for days.
• No access to hygiene ... for days.
It happens every day to women in third world countries. We can do something about that. We're tackling the goal of making sure each of them can have their own washable, effective feminine solutions.

from the Project Thrive site.

I may even contact some local homeless or battered women's shelters to see if they would be interested in projects like this.

Myssi, would you want to look into this with me, my crafty friend?

I'm going to make a hygiene kit, maybe more.


Amanda said...

Very cool. I had no idea that was still going on these days. I'll have to get to it.

Maggie Mae said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Your help in getting the word out is so appreciated. I have been sewing for Days for Girls for over a year. It is a wonderful experience.

Lapetitemort said...

I plan on doing some sewing as well for them. I'm very touched by the work that they do & glad that I found out about it!