Thursday, 2 December 2010

It happens in 3's? & I have no holiday spirit

I really thought that I would be better this week. Unfortunately, the funk moved to the chest and no working out with that.

Our roof is being replaced today. Then, our hot water heater blew. That's supposed to be coming today as well. Oh, a pipe in the crawl space is busted. Thankfully, it only goes to a faucet outside and water can be turned off to it. That one will have to wait. We did, however, buy the torch and kit to repair it. Then, the soft spot on the kitchen floor by the sliding glass door, yep, now there's a hole straight through there. Three of the kitchen chairs broke. The upstairs toilet had a leaky valve and ruined the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom. There's more, but I'll leave it at that. Three's my arse.

We have family coming up for the whole week of Christmas. Family and some girlfriends and their kids... So, people we've never met. I've never been big on holiday gatherings and adding strangers to the mix just makes it worse for me. I think El Sammy Beasto and I have gotten used to our relaxed holidays with just the two of us. Then, we kind of freaked because we really only have next week to get all the shopping and cards and packages mailed out to back home. This week was screwed with all of the house repairs. I have two shows this weekend, a show the week before everyone gets up and one out of town the day before! Decorating? Oh crap! We still have our Halloween pumpkin lights in the windows.

I noticed I've lost a few followers. What can I say? I'm pretty boring.

Maybe tomorrow, if all of these workers are done, I'll pull out the little silver tree and throw a few things around the house. That is if there is time between trying to make sure the house doesn't fall down around me, trying to get my drafting work done and emailed back to the office, and preparing for a show that I have tomorrow night....

It has to get better, right?

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