Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Crafty-Mac-Crafterson, Hideous holidays, gym pic

I'm thinking that I may take on a new approach to these whored-out, consumeristic holidays that makes the human population turn into hideous masses. Okay, I'm not even sure that those are actual words, but you get my meaning. I had to run to the store yesterday for the still-sick mister (he finally got to the doctor and got a perscription!). Let me tell you, I was appalled at the people in the store. Pushy, rude, crazy even. I actually had to say, "I promise you I am not going after some item you are looking for" as being pushed to the side by rushing, insane humanoids. I don't think you are in that much of a rush for yogurt & the pharmacy in Tarjay Boutique. I'm not going to grab whatever the latest toy that will inevitably break in two weeks that you're pushing me out of the way to rush to the toy section is.
The whole experience made me quite sad.

I tried this year to find unusual gifts for family. Some were antique or vintage items. El Sammy Beasto had two photographs turned into canvas paintings for his mom & dad. That was actually kind of cool. We have cut down who we buy for to just our parents, each other, my only godchild who still keeps in touch (I have 3). I may even cut down my Christmas card list as well being as so many people do not even attempt to keep in touch. Hey, V8grrl... I may need you to email me your address again!

Next year, I do believe that for the holidays (all of them) I may make my own cards. I may even try to make homemade gifts, maybe even cookies too. Check out this article that I read yesterday on the Sublime Stitching Blog.

But anywho, here's my gym locker room photo for the day. Now, I have to go about waiting for the plumber to come. Our brand new water heater is leaking! Oh no! They're coming out at some point today to check that out. =)

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Amanda said...

People can be so rude when they think someone else will get something they want. That's why I can't stand shopping in general