Friday, 26 November 2010

Week in Snot, I mean review

Here is the only picture taken this week. It was from Monday. I woke up with a tickley throat, but figured it was from the neck up so I'll go to the gym and do a light work out. So, I totaled a 5 mile walk. Came home, started feeling fatigued, took a hot bubble bath and crawled into bed.

Tuesday, throat was worse. No fever, so I start the apple cider vinegar gargles and such. Don't fuss, but I even gargle with peroxide.

Wednesday, woke up in the middle of the night swollen throat, and feeling blah, but still no fever. I tell El Sammy Beasto, "I'm dropping you off at work and I'm going to try to get into my doctor today." I was convinced that I had strep. He was convinced that I wouldn't get in on the day before Thanksgiving. Luckily, the urgent care across the street from his work was opening up 10 minutes after I dropped him off.

YaaY, first one in.

Vitals - Nurse: you have a low blood pressure.

Me trying to talk and swallow saliva: Yep, it's always pretty low.

Nurse: No fever.

Me: I haven't had one. (My tongue feels like it's hitting the back of my throat and making me speak like I have an impediment).

Next doctor comes in: Does all the routine stuff, now goes to look down my throat. He gets the popsicle stick (Yeah, I know what it's really called). Oh yeah, your throat is really red, but I don't see any pustules. Let's swab for strep just to make sure, but you have no other symptoms but a sore throat?

Yep, I may be being a baby, but this hurts and I can't swallow.

Test comes back negative. No strep, so just do comfort treatments. Back home to gargle salt water every 30 minutes and try over the counter sprays and lozenges (which make me gag by the way).

Thanksgiving morning, well, it's slightly better. Only the middle of my throat hurts as opposed to the whole thing. I ate soup for breakfast and continued my ritual of salt water gargles and drinking OJ & water. But, it's Thanksgiving! El Sammy Beasto had stopped the night before and picked up his Honey Baked Ham. I made deviled eggs with spicy crab meat. Then, it was on to the rabbit stew. Sam threw two potatoes in the oven and I stuck on some rice. I felt badly that I didn't cook as I normally do. By the time 5pm rolled around, I was feeling a little better. I did eat some toasted crusty bread and took a little taste of everything. I had a glass of pinot noir and crashed.

Finally, the snot dam broke last night. So, I was up blowing my nose all night so that the grossness would not have a chance to go down my throat. But I'm thankful that my throat doesn't hurt anymore and that I can now just take OTC pills to dry up the mucous! And now, today, I spend cleaning up the house that has been neglected all week.

Hopefully, next week, I'll have something good to share.

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