Sunday, 7 November 2010

Today's Pic & Stuff

My newest thrift store acquisition. It's actually all one piece and by Bebe? I like it because it has a slight 20s feel to it, maybe not so much after I stick leggings on with it. Anywho, that's what I wore today when we went out to run errands.

I also spent some time on the evil ebay & etsy this weekend. Picked up a sort of Vegas-y showgirl number and bought too much money worth of ostrich and peacock feathers to make those big Sally Rand type fans. When an idea hits me, well it hits and I must get the stuff to make it!

I have a few busy weeks ahead with burlesque related goodness. We have a show the 11th with Cora Vette and the Vinyl Tops where we will perform with the live band, fun!! Friday, I have an audition. Sunday the 14th is the Immundo Burlesque Show at the Rack House Pub. I'm debuting a fun little number to "Sex & Candy", not what anyone would think and totally funny in my head! Wednesday the 17th, practice for the Denver Publick Library's Frock Out event & the 18th is the event. Oh and I will be stalking me some Mondo there! Still miffed he did not win Project Runway. Then, on the 19th at Skylark I think I'm performing for the Freakshow Gorelesque and Oh No USO Show too! Wow, if I only got paid for all the shows that I do I wouldn't ever have to worry about real work, haha.

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