Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Random stuff

This is the final pull from the garden. Look at all of those dirty little red potatoes! Mmmmmm
We're going to have a butt load more garden boxes too for next year, woohoo!! Lowe's happened to put some cedar garden box sets on clearance for $62. It may sound expensive but just the wood alone in those was worth it. You can put them in tons of configurations, and it came with a 'cold frame' lid too. That means maybe starting stuff early and keeping winter veggies alive a little longer. We bought two. Just call me Farmer jen.

Here's today after my workout. Swwwweeeeaaaattty

Walked 1.15 miles to the gym, ran 20 minutes at 5.3 mph, did a short weight routine and walked back home.

Also, I have something fun happening. No one knows but El Sammy Beasto. I have been studying to take a certification. I also applied for two jobs with resumes stating what I am studying and all of my past education. I did get an invite to come audition next week. I am not expecting it to go much further than that since I will not have the certification until probably December, but it will give me a heads up on what to expect and maybe they can tell me what to change or improve and I will get to audition again in the future? I'm using it as a learning experience.


v8grrl said...

hmmm do tell little girl...do tell...something similar to Cirque?

Lapetitemort said...

Oh how I wish, but I am not that talented! & I don't have the money to take those classes continually again. =(