Friday, 19 November 2010

Just a Usual Thursday Night

Last night was the library's Frock Out: Sideshow Event. There were 12 area designers competing Project Runway style for a wonderful prize. Plus, all the tickets sales go for adult cultural events at the library. I have to say, many of those designers were awing! Beautiful garments. Mondo Geurra was head judge! So awesome! I did get to meet him during the reception mingle so my night was complete.

So, we were the Sideshow folks interspersed between models on the 88 foot runway last night. Here's a few pics of my insanity.

I like to call this one : We make great pets. That's me in the silver deprivation outfit. E is a friend's son. He was the giant. He's 6'10" and with some socks inside of shoes, he was 7'!! On his shoulder is our friend C, or better known as Little Miss Firefly! She is so amazing!! She was crazy and flew in from another show to be in this show and had to fly out super early this morning to get back and make her show tonight! I know she had to be beat!

This was my Unicorn Girl outfit. I had pearls and such glued to my forhead around my glittered horn. Check out my fancy hooves!
Notice Lucy behind me? =D

This is me and my friend A. He was wearing a Hannibal Lector mask over this because he was a cannibal chicken, lol.
If you want, there are tons of pictures over at Westword which feature some of the fabulous designs and some freaks too!

Now, off to prepare for another show tonight!! I'm kind of beat. Looking forward to maybe having an actual dinner tonight and perhaps my second adult beverage of the week! (Have to say, not having cocktails this week, I could lace up my bustiers all the way closed!)

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