Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Daily Pic & some burlesque stuff

Today's gym pic. Actually, when I was typing in my number and scanning my finger at the front desk this morning, my day was made. The front desk girl told me that I was really pretty. It kind of caught me off guard, and I actually did a "Huh?" and questioning face. She repeated it, and I told her thank you and that she made my morning. The day cannot get too bad from that point on, right?

In burlesque news, my new act went over fantastically Sunday night. I loved when I revealed my real costume on the first chorus, and the audience went up in laughter. There's nothing like that feeling of pulling off something comedic. I'm switching up the costume to go for Christmas too. =)

Denver Public Library's Frock Out is this Thursday!! Practice is tomorrow. I'm in two seasons, Spring where I am unicorn girl. Been glittering up my horn that is going on my forehead. And in Fall, I'm a pet in a silver sensory deprivation suit. Nice, huh? It's fun just walking and being the sideshow freaks. I'm totally going to stalk Mondo. Well, in actuality, probably not. Believe it or not, I get really shy and usually won't approach people.

I also got an email yesterday with an offer to go down to the Springs and perform with another troupe for their holiday show next month. I took it up too! I am rather enjoying dancing with many, many troupes. I get to see so many wonderful and varied performers. It keeps me interested and inspired.


v8grrl said...

I'm so proud of you...

and you are beautiful, thought you all ready knew that.


and that ensemble is perfect for gym picture taking...i see nothing weird, ie: treetrunks, muffins, or anything :)

Amanda said...

Congrats on the compliment and the new routine. I'd have to agree with v8's comments