Monday, 25 October 2010

Weekend Stuff with a Bum's butt too

Friday nigh was Scream Scram 5k. I am proud to say that I jogged the whole thing, 39 minutes and some change. I know it was long, but my goal was to not stop jogging. There were great costumes from families, teams, pets. My one complaint is that when people run with their doggies, please keep them near you and don't let them run all willy-nilly so that their leashes trip five people across from you.
The t-shirt line was madness. I lucked out and got the size on my bib before they ran out! Here I am in my costume before the race and before I had gotten my bib. Sam went with me and called to me as he was moving the truck toward the finish line. He surprised me and stayed and caught a picture with his cell of me crossing the finish. =)

I also got this in the mail from my Aunt this weekend. So cool. She got me the nun so that I could call it Sister Germaine. She was a wicked nun who was the principal of my grammar school and was as mean as all get out. I, though, think the statue is too cute and has too good an aura to curse it with her namesake.
Saturday we went to the Mile High Horrorfest at the Starz Film Center. We walked around for an hour looking for it, haha. It's tucked between an alcove in a building. Once found thought, it was pretty nifty. We saw a 17 minute short called Love Me Tender and a German Zombie film Rammbock. It was pretty darn impressive for a 60 minute film, even if many parts were predictable.

Yesterday was filled as well. I had practice with the girls from Ooh La La burlesque for their Halloween show this coming Wednesday. So, an hour of Thriller rehearsals. It should be a fun show.

Finally, last night was Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School. My friend Anabella and myself put on the crazy gore (body bags, us covered in cobwebs and a glittered blood Y incision, crazy marionette, autopsy scene & I was the victim with intestines all over which felt like vomit when they slid around on my stomach) as models in the new space at 82 S. Broadway. I think the best part was during our posing people kept passing by and staring in the windows. One old bum looking guy kept walking past and staring. Finally, he dropped trou and stuck his butt against the window. Too funny! but I didn't break my pose. Hahaha!!

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