Saturday, 2 October 2010


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I have really, really been wanting to ride my bike again. Betty Blue hasn't seen very much action since moving to Colorado four years ago. I used to ride her to work back home, but I could get there through residential neighborhoods and only a short portion was on a busy road, where, yes I rode the sidewalk (there was definitely no bike lanes & no shoulder in this area).

I think that I have strayed from biking here very much because in the area where I live, I was not sure of all of the bike trails. I am not afraid to admit that I am petrified of road riding where there is no bike lane or shoulder. The roads around my house are super busy, six lane roads. I have rode the sidewalks, even though it's not legal. Many others do it too along these roadways. Yes, I have visions of getting splatted by maniac drivers who swerve in and out of traffice going 20 mph over the speed limit on these spans.

I think though that I may have found a solution to my fears! Our RTD website has a neato google application. You put in an intersection where you are going to begin and a destination intersection and voila! It gives you bus routes & which to take, driving directions, walking directions OR bike trail directions! Cool beans for me! I may have to begin small and work my way further to check this cool little gadget out. If poor Betty can make it up and down this hills and such and I work up leg strength, maybe in the far future I will eventually get a lighter weight bike with gears! I would love to be one of those folks who thinks nothing of biking 70+ miles a day. Then maybe I could be like Rowdy Kittens and have a bike as my main means of transportation & the bus for freezing winter days. Plus, as you all know, I have a little obsession with BitchCakes and her Hello Kitty cruiser. If she can ride about 100 miles on her cruiser in heels and looking fabulous, then I should be able to suffer through five in normal shoes and look way less fabulous. It's like running I guess. It takes a little while to build up endurance and distance.

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