Friday, 17 September 2010


I decided that in this transition juncture I needed new jeans. You see, I only fit in one pair of jeans/pants besides stretchy yoga pants right now. I had received a $10 off at Kohl's so I walked my happy butt up there and tried on about 15 pairs of jeans. Finally! I found some petite dark trouser jeans and a pair of petite gray/black/red jeans, yes, plaid denim! They are wicked cool & I am ecstatic that I fit into something that I don't hurt bending in! By the way, there are now two types of petite pants, and I found that one is actually a tad too short for me. I never would have thought that I would say that. The ones I got were Dockers 6PM, never thought I would buy Dockers either, but what can I say, they are adorable!

Speaking of wicked things, El Sammy Beasto came home last night with goodies for me! He stopped at the grocery - yes, he always pleases me with fun things from the grocery store. First was a bouquet of mixed flowers. =)

Then, how awesome?! Movie Monster dinner wares! They are made from 50% bamboo too!

Then, a cute little crazy, special bat bowl!

And for my girlie side, and one of my favorite food groups, a cupcake apron!

The thing is we use our Halloween stuff all year long. We even leave out many indoor decorations all year long, we're THOSE type of people, lol!

Have a good one!

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