Friday, 24 September 2010

Chuggin' along & along & along

So, I have been exercising more than ever and eating clean with exceptionally few mishaps. I say that because I know that I will not be perfect, especially this soon into the venture. Unfortunately, the weight hasn't been budging. I do believe, though, that I have lost 2 pounds this week... finally. It is very discouraging when you are so conscious of trying to eat clean and putting in the work and nothing moves. It's been three weeks, and this is the first little budge on the scale. It has been hard too. Just this morning when dropping off El Sammy Beasto at work, he stopped to pick up a dozen mixed donuts to bring in. That smell was killing me. I resisted though and did not partake of the sugary goodness that made my mouth water. I truly think that the meds (hormones) the doctor has me on for this temporary time is making it harder to lose the weight. Darn it. In fact, I bought new, bigger pants and just a week after buying them, they even seem snug.

I did sign up for Scream Scram . It's a 5k walk/run at the end of October. It should be fun. I will probably be running it alone. That's cool because yeeeaaaarrrsss ago when I was an active runner, I used to run a 5k or 10k every month and do it alone. Even though, I am slow in the beginning of learning to run again I do remember why I loved it so much. I helps release a ton of stress and worries.

So far this week, I have
Mon. - run/walk 2.15 miles, then walked another 2
Tues. - run/walk 2.79 miles
Wed. - walk 3.78 miles, then an hour of hot power fusion yoga sculpt (includes dumbbells) & is super hard and makes me sore, in the good way
Thurs. - rest
Fri. (today) - hoping to get in a weight routine - then off to valet for Lucha wrestling!

I want to add more weight training days, still figuring this all out. As the title says, I'm still chuggin along, only improving every day!

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v8grrl said...

keep at it!!!
get some aerobics in there...metabolism booster
and have fun at Lucha