Tuesday, 24 August 2010


My mum-in-law & her hubby are coming to visit this week. Then about a week after, my aunt & her hubby. So, in the middle of finishing up some contract work, I have been cleaning. You know the stuff that I never do. I cleaned the ceiling fan, wiped down the fire place and polished - that hasn't been done since winter, lemon oiled the woodwork. Then, I decided to wipe down the walls because you know, I don't remember them being two-toned. Turns out, those grey areas where the dogs lay up against them and the front door, well, they're really white under there! Who would have thunk it?


xxEosxx said...

You just reminded me that i have to get the babys fan in his room. I saw it just the other day and said I had to get some time to get at it- So thank you for that reminder! Keeping busy is good! Hugs to you

Amanda said...

I know exactly what you mean about the walls! Sounds like it's crazy busy at your house the next few weeks.