Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New Love

I finally took the plunge and walked up to the new yoga place. It's two weeks free, so I figure - why not? I have to say, that I am surprised at how I felt. I did not expect to like something that was not aggressive and quick moving. It was hard. I should say, it is hard. I definitely have shaking muscles while I'm doing it and soreness on the day after. I am beginning with warm, beginner yoga.

At the end of class, I honestly feel as though I could just lay there and go straight to sleep. I am relaxed and worn out. I have only made it there two times a week. Hopefully, I can increase the frequency.

It has been a really long time since I have found an activity that I honestly, deeply enjoy. Maybe it will replace this thought:

In other news, I finally headed up to the central library near my house and got a library card. I love libraries. I checked out my books and an art instruction book for S. So there is more love in my week. I am finally getting around to reading again!

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