Friday, 6 August 2010

Good Things.

So, trying to reconcile myself with some issues, I am trying to find positive things. Good Things. If in six months, I have to have another surgery, I will no longer have thoughts of some other things happening. Sorry to be so vague. But if I am no longer burdened with my physical ailments and I do not have to worry about future probabilities, well, I am more unconfined. So, I say, screw it. Travel here I come. So, how about:

And I've spent a summer in Spain, but I would totally go back and see the towns that I did not get to conquer that year.


I can dream. And I can sell many, many things to get the money. I'm willing to sell cheap too.


Joe's blog said...

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Please stay tuned for the finished painting and more!

Amanda said...

Stay strong! I think any of those places would be fabulous to visit.

Best Wishes,