Sunday, 22 August 2010

Dorky stuff that makes me smile 2

Went to yoga yesterday. I still get sore the next day & I like it!

We also hit the comic book store. We have become official dorks because we have begun a hold file at the comic book store. Basically, we give them the list of continuing comics that we read, and they pull them and put them in a folder. We come in every two weeks and pick them up. That way we don't have to worry about missing an issue either. Uh oh, am I becoming :

Hubby also got me new winter fun hats. One is leopard with the strings that hang down with little fuzzy leopard balls at the end and adorable. The other is a monster who looks like he's eating my head! Oh no, I do not leave the fun stuff only for the enjoyment of teens! I also got two packs of black tube socks with little skulls above the colored trim. Why not, they were buy one get one! Whoop! Plus, I'll wear the heck out of them.

Today, we grill. Tuscan Lemon chicken, flattened (Barefoot Contessa's recipe). Then there will be zucchini, because between that and spaghetti squash we could live off of it the way it has taken over the garden! At least once a week we have a spaghetti squash dish as well, and we're giving away tons!

Did I mention that I love audiobooks? It's like being read a bedtime story. The only problem is that I when I fall asleep I lose my place and have to rewind to find it. Plus, I think that I am one of the only people who listens to horror books to go to sleep. Besides my collection of Twilight Zone radio dramas, right now I am listening to Salem's Lot. Oh Danny Glick how you still creep me out...

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