Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A challenge...

I am thinking of trying to take part in this, 3rd Annual Eat-Clean Diet Challenge Makeover. The grand prize is $3000! I know that I do not have enough to lose to make a dramatic difference, but then again, maybe I do. Bodies can change radically if the fat is shed and some muscle gained. They also give you a year to participate.

I have one of her recipe books. I may check out the actual diet books from the library when I bring the books that I already checked out back.

Maybe, it will give me a little extra motivation? Like giving yoga a try. Though most of the people around here that I know who do yoga do not care for the place that I am going. They say that it reminds them more of gym and isn't "pure" yoga. Most of them haven't taken the beginner classes that are based on 26 positions done in a flow, though. I am actually looking forward to trying my hand at the yoga/sculpt classes and hot power fusion yoga, the classes thta remind them of a gym. I think this is why I like it; it is different.

Though I only have about 20 pounds to lose, I may think about giving the challenge a go. I can incorporate clean eating (which I have been avoiding) and a broader range of exercise. Maybe it could be a personal challenge.

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v8grrl said...

go for it? hell why not? but set your goal to complete!!! you can do it...
I know you can and you hardly have 20 pounds to lose!