Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Oui, oui!

I have kind of become obsessed with this blog. Yeah, so it's in French. I can understand more than I thought. Gotta love recall of all of those years of French since childhood. The pictures are always so astounding though.

I have to learn to channel my French side. It is the biggest part of me anyway. My dad's side the family came over from France the original way most Louisianaians did, and left Nova Scotia and landed in Louisana in 1712ish. Maybe I'll load up my French cd's and start listening again. It's funny how it all comes back with refreshers!

Also, I'm thinking of taking some of the recreational cooking classes over at Cook Street school. I LOVE cooking & eating. I should learn the French & Italian specialties. (Italian is the other larger part of my heritage. Yep, I'm Fratalian!)

One day, I will make it to both places. Why are European women so damn chic and alluring?!

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