Saturday, 17 July 2010

of fun things

I walked up to the pharmacy to pick up my medicine. When I got to the shopping area parking lot, I said the heck with it and frolicked through the sprinklers. It was refreshing on a 98 degree day. Today we're supposed to get to 101! Whoa, Nelly!

I came across this today on Yahoo. It's a guy, Jay Schafer, who builds tiny houses. Sooooo cool! You see, the husband and I have dreams of something like this or a gypsy caravan style one. You know a little place on wheels that would allow us to be nomads, adventurers. We have actually sketched ones out, thought about selling all of our belongings and going. I mean, with no house note or other real bills, why couldn't one? Aaaaah, the wanderlust!


Amanda said...

Running through sprinklers sounds wonderful! It's roasting here in Minnesota, too - but only 86 degrees with 85 percent humidity. Yuck!

I would love a rolling home, too but I am too much of a homebody.

Rowena... said...

Cheese whore? I'm all ears. We (hubby and I) have a serious weakness for the smelly stuff.

Running through public sprinklers sounds like something I'd do too. Surely a lot less "disrespectful" than dipping your bare feet into the basins of drinking fountains at Vatican City! (it was so hot!)