Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My Dorky Side & Stuff

I have a virtual candy shop of my cheesey horror comics to plow through. Thank you husband for providing me the crack! Fun stuff! I'm a complete dork. Some of these he had gotten me around Christmas and other holidays. We also exchange little Great Pumpkin gifts at Halloween.

I have been in a mood to bake too. There is this Toyota Camry commercial about a girl saving for a Camry. She runs a little bakery business from her apartment. The little cakes and pastries look soooo yuuumm!! I must create some soon. My sweet tooth has gone wild.

Unfortunately, I do not know the meaning of light activity. Today, I popped one of my smaller incisions. So, I have resigned myself back to my bedroom to try and relax. Of course, all of this forced relaxation is driving me batty! I did get to do four hours of drawing work this morning. Today was my first day since my surgery taking on a little freelance stuff too. I hate being delayed when I have lists and plans and ideas.

So here I am in bed again.

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v8grrl said...

Settle down now ya hear !!! Otherwise I'll have to cone over there with my stapler!