Sunday, 4 July 2010

The List - 101 Things in 1001 Days

101 Things To Do in 1001 Days

Begin July 4, 2010 – Finish March 31, 2013

1. Finish this list by July 4, 2010

2. Make a plan to not hoard magazines – give them away

3. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy, no matter how small (0/100)

4. List one positive thing everyday for a week (0/7)

5. List one positive thing everyday for two weeks (0/14)

6. Put change in someone’s parking meter (3x) (0/3)

7. Pick up the change that I see on the ground & make a found change jar

8. Reduce the clothing – if it doesn’t fit, haven’t worn it = goes out

9. Meet with V8grrl at least two times – hopefully we can make it more

10. Figure out the bus routes by my house

11. Listen to my French language cd’s

12. Floss everyday for one week – I know, but I can’t seem to make it a daily habit (0/7)

13. Floss everyday for two weeks – should become a habit by then (0/14)

14. Take advantage of free week long coupons – yoga, gyms

15. Finish reading French Women Don’t Get Fat

16. Finish reading Candy Barr autobiography

17. Learn to run/job again

18. Run a 5k

19. Run a 10k

20. Get some type of exercise instructor certification

21. Create an exercise regimen

22. Do not let CPR certification lapse

23. Finish the cross-stitch that I started for mom

24. Bike more

25. Journal (handwritten) once a week for five weeks (0/5)

26. Sketch once a week for five weeks (0/5)

27. Try ice skating

28. Give skiing another go – I really don’t enjoy it but hubby LOVES it

29. Send out 15 cards/letters (snail mail) for no reason (0/15)

30. Get a library card

31. Visit “The Shining” hotel

32. Be able to do a split again

33. Complete four of my craft projects and try to sell them (0/4)

34. Put up a clothes line – we ripped the old one down when we put up new fences

35. Take one dance class

36. Fiddle with guitar again – believe it or not I played for five years, read music even

37. Learn to play one song on the guitar (again)

38. Sew two items – complete them! (0/2)

39. Go on one vacation – I haven’t even been camping in two years

40. Learn two new crochet stitches (0/2)

41. Change cabinet knobs to the new glass ones

42. Finish (refinish) the woodwork railing

43. Walk to go make groceries (20x) (0/20)

44. Get rid of the hundreds of old fence boards in the backyard

45. Get rid of stuff in general – (100 things) (0/100)

46. Wear a bikini

47. Take multivitamin everyday for 3 weeks (0/3)

48. Read Breathers

49. Read Lenore: Noogies

50. Read The Art of Happiness

51. Read The Teahouse Fires

52. Read Jambalaya

53. Read How to Be An Evil Villian

54. Read ten random books

55. Watch J’taime Paris

56. Watch Clockwork Orange

57. Watch Soylent Green

58. Learn basic chess moves

59. Move the refrigerator and clean behind it

60. Take out the bottom drawer in the stove & clean under it

61. Clean on top of kitchen cabinets

62. Refinish found table & ½ of the chairs (when we found it, it came with 8)

63. Make my own yogurt

64. Make my own pasta dough

65. Make a cassoule’

66. Make falafels

67. Find the big indoor farmers market downtown and go

68. Organize the front closet

69. Get organized, in general

70. Get rid of the books that I don’t want

71. Try to hold back before nagging – think is it worth it?

72. Try to take 10 breaths before an angry outburst (20x) (0/20)

73. Learn three meditation techniques

74. Meditate for five minutes a day for one week (0/7)

75. Meditate for five minutes a day for two weeks (0/14)

76. Make at least three more garden boxes

77. Make a tank & undies from a tee – like in Bust magazine

78. Make up my mind whether I really want a scooter or not

79. Seal the wood fence – we did the sides that are facing the three neighbors

80. Go to Casa Bonita – we’ve been here four years & still haven’t gone

81. Go to Manitou Springs with Sam, perhaps for the coffin races – I’ve been once

82. Go to Crested Butte when it’s not snowing – in the Spring/Summer

83. Don’t sit around the house waiting for work to send stuff – they can wait on me – they’re never consistent anyway

84. Learn to do a headstand – I haven’t done one since I was a kid

85. Give Sam a foot rub – I hate feet

86. Try acupuncture

87. Take a picture of myself when I’m feeling good about myself (30x) (0/30)

88. Start back up podcast – I’ve slacked for 2 months (Do at least 20x) (0/20)

89. Stand outside & howl at the moon

90. Accept that there are a few things in life that cannot be changed

91. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up

92. Can I achieve six pack abs? – Yes, let’s do it

93. More whoopee – besides being fun, I read it’s healthy too!

94. Be nicer to hubby since I’ve had bitch mode on for a while

95. Would I have a drink with me? Make sure that I become that person that I dream of

96. Go home for a visit – it’s been two years

97. Learn to say “Thank You” to a compliment and not try to negate it

98. On that note, give out more compliments

99. Learn to be happy with me & comfortable with my own skin

100. Hula hoop in a park/green space

101. Start a new list

& may I add that somehow I would love to work, apprentice, observe, something fun under some of chef too...


101onthespectrum said...

Good luck with your goals! Loving the idea of howling at the moon! :-)

Amanda said...

Great list!