Friday, 16 July 2010

Gratuitous Doggie Shot & other ramblings

This is my furry love muffin boy! He has to be the sweetest dog ever. He always makes me happy. Well, that is except when he is peeing on my garden veggies or bringing in dead vermin as gifts.

I went for my first long walk since my surgery. I decided to go into Kohl's since it was scorching hot. I did not like what I saw in the mirrors at all. I mean, my tummy swells as I get more active in the day - still, but oh my! I was pretty darn lumpy. I'm going to try and go for another walk this afternoon to the pharmacy. I will have to pick up my meds to bring to the doc to inject me with next week anyway. She told me it was best to start off slow with walks, so walk I will later today. It's one of the things recommended in "French Women Don't Get Fat" too. But, of course, I knew that was coming. Europeans tend to walk everywhere. I remember that from my time in Madrid. I need to incorporate that more into my life. I don't have a car anyway, so walk or bike it shall be when the husband has the vehicle all day anyway.

I'm almost done the book, so maybe I'll have thoughts on it in another post.