Monday, 5 July 2010


Here is a shot from our bedroom. The farthest away box is what I like to call the potato, squash box. There are two sun flowers, a pea plant and an artichoke plant trying to not be suffocated. I keep twining the squash away from it. The squash is like a weed, I tell you! I think it is all different varieties as well. The box closest has green zucchini in it. I saw one at the back of the flower. Gosh knows what's coming up in the other two, as far as squash goes. That and tiny tomato plants are just volunteer, langiappe from the compost.

I did see peppers, rainbow chard, black bush beans, our corn plants, carrots, spinach and lettuce, watermelon too, peeking out. Next year, I now know how to recognize the squash plants from the first four leaves. No ambushing us next year!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention our water catchers. Those are 2 liter soda bottles. It took me two years to save those few. I had bought these spikes that fit onto the tops that stick into the ground. You cut off the bottom of the bottle and fill it with water and the water goes through the spike and waters your plants!

It looks like a mess, but there will be veggies! We plan on making more garden boxes next year too. The more the better & the more fruit and vegetables!! Maybe even a few grape vines next year too.

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