Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Gardening - Blueberries

Look! I have two lonely little blueberries on my one living tiny blueberry bush! It's only about 12" high. Our other blueberry bush of another variety died. Boooo!

Today, I took two blueberries out of our box of organic berries we bought and stuck them in a pot on the deck. Hey, you never know. I mean, the green zucchini that I threw in the compost out of the fridge that had gone soft is growing out of control in the back yard, and there are little green babies all over the place. I am tempted to take the mini ones with the huge blooms and prepare them like I have seen on tv. You stuff the flowers with good cheese, batter and fry those babies (including the baby zucch)! It looks yummmay!!

Pretty much anything that I have bought at the grocery and thrown out there has taken root and grown something. Maybe I do have a green thumb after all.

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