Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Have you ever seen that show about hoarders?

Yeah, I saw one episode, and it completely freaked me out. I think my husband could turn into one, definitely. He keeps all sorts of stuff, haha. It got me thinking. One of the things that I will put on my new 101 Things To Do In 1000 Days is to give away my stacks of magazines. I will only keep two of the kinds that I enjoy, National Geographic because, well, it's National Geographic! And for the time being my Oxygen fitness magazines, because they are so inspiring.

Now, I cannot tell you how many magazine subscriptions that I receive each month. Friends and family members have given me so many gift subscriptions, that it is quite unbelievable. I LOVE reading magazines. Then, I stack them up into piles according to each title. I can imagine how much room I would have on my bookshelves if I gave away all of these magazines. They range from Yoga Journal, Body + Soul, Birds & Blooms, Garden Gate, Dog Fancy, Bust (this one is completely amazing), National Geographic, Clean Eating, Oxygen, Respiratory Care Journal, American Assoc. of Respiratory Care.... That's a whole bunch of magazines piled up!

Yep, I have to start giving these suckers away!

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Amanda said...

I know what you mean about magazines piling up. I have tons myself. Every once in a while I just have to go through them and pull out the articles I like and file them in three ring binders.

As to hoarding, I am probably considered one even though my house is in order. Hoarders on A&E makes me feel much better about my messes :)

Best Wishes,