Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Garden boxes, birthday present

As part of my birthday present, S made me some garden boxes. They are so pretty compared to my efforts of making things grow around the yard in quadrened-off areas. This is where my Egyptian Onion, Garlic Chives, Green Onion, 1 blueberry bush, 1 black berry bush and mint are. This is where I would dig up every year and plant. This year, I'm just leaving these here. Messy as it is, they like it here. The blueberry & blackberry bushes are new. We have to get a different species of each for pollination though.

Here are my three new, pretty boxes complete with little wire decorative gates to keep meddling puppies out. See, there's my compost bin in the corner too. I know our grass is ugly, but when we moved in, there was nothing but dirt in our back yard.

Here's a close up of one.

I seeded today. Lots of veggies. The only thing that I forgot to plant was my potato plants!! But I left room for them. So, I'll plant them tomorrow. And I planted my herb seeds in my pots for, hopefully, a kitchen herb garden. Found some "volunteer" plants in some pots that were on the deck since last year. Let's see what they bring this year!

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