Sunday, 16 May 2010

37 you Better get your a$s in gear!

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My thirty-seventh came on Friday. Unfortunately, the funk hit hard on Thursday. I had been steadily fighting that "come on" feeling since the weekend before. That didn't stop me though. Yes, the husband brought me for Greek food and surprised me by inviting three friends too. We came back to the house for drinks and talk, but.... I wound up going and crashing in bed. Funny, no?

My husband is making me garden boxes in the back yard. For this, I am uber excited. Now, back to taking more E-mergenC and trying to get out of bed for more than a few hours! Stupid funk.

37 you will not be a bad year dammit


Gingerella said...

Happy belated birthday!

Hope you pull out of the funk soon, but I can relate....I'm dreading turning 38 in November. *mutters under breath* I am NOT almost 40, I am NOT almost 40.... ;)

振瑋 said...