Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sputum Bowl... Warning Geekdom-ness

It's like Jeopardy, but for respiratory therapists and students. Yeah, geekdom at its absolute best! A few of us first years may bite the bullet and participate in May at the CRSC conference in Breckinridge. A three day conference extravaganza of, from what we hear, lectures, drinking, and yes, oh yes, a 70's Disco Costume Party one night. Did I mention drinking and partaying? Yeah, we have all discussed bringing ice chests of booze & food and unlocking all the rooms that connect to make a sloppy fiesta. Maybe this is what I missed by actually not participating in the college experience, so let's make it up as slightly, um older, adults!

The best part is that the school pays half of everything, including our rooms and fees. So, this should be very, very interesting. We also are having bake sales at the school to try and raise more cash to cover more of our costs.

My dear husband printed my 92 page review bank of questions from various categories... Should I do it? I'm leaning toward it, but I am slightly intimidated by competing with those who are a year ahead and those who have been practicing for years...


v8grrl said...

of COURSE you should do it!!!

mario said...

do you want to swap some bank questions... even if you have already completed your sputum bowl you will never know when you will need them email me and we will talk