Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Small Steps

my 6 yr. old Volatile shoes that I ~heart~, my skull equipment bag, with some
equipment on top too, my backpack, kind of emptied, and my stool with books stacked
on top, underneath, and piles of flashcards - this is why things cannot stay
too tidy!

So I did do it Monday, my 5 mile walk home carrying my 30lb backpack. Yeah, my bum, hip, thigh area was sore the next day, even the arms. =) Today, I played good girl on our snow day and shoveled our drive and walks then did my elderly neighbor's too. I kept pretending I was doing squats when I was lifting those shovel-fuls. I made some cookie dough for our class bake sale tomorrow - it's in the fridge now. Then I did 2 loads of laundry and am prepping some grub for tonight.

I guess I should go and actually do some studying. We lucked out because our diagnostics exam was supposed to be today = reprieve!

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