Saturday, 20 February 2010

food and another shamless plug

The husband and I went shopping and got me tons of vegetarian foods. Stuff that he could easily incorporate as well if he were making one of his oh so delicious meat dishes. Vegan Chorizo, "meat" crumbles for his spicy delicacies, "chicken" nuggets, some yummy looking veggie burgers.... I still haven't been able to give up the shrimps though... maybe in the future... May I just add that I am grateful to have a man who is willing to cook for me, much less alter his cooking - or make 2 variations?! ~heart~

Got me some dates rolled in coconut with tree nuts, yum! eggplant spread for my basmati rice, pitas, yummy hummus, fiber cracker crisps, napa cabbage, fruits, blueberries.... Mmmmmm

on a side note:

If you're in the Denver area, Come check out Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School tomorrow night.

Channel 9 will be taping and I will have the honor of gracing the event with the hostess with the mostess, Vivienne VaVoom and my cohort in crime, AnaBella LaFontaine!!

Tonight, we will indulge in watching some gorgeous ladies of Ooh La La at the Oriental Theater!!
Love those special girlies too!

Feeling like dressing all out Flapper, 20's... hopefully pics to follow

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