Saturday, 30 January 2010


My health has gone straight to pot since starting school. I have gotten on some anti-anxiety meds., been eating horribly indulging in too many fatty comfort foods, imbibing a little too much and become a sedentary slug. With the exception of two nights in the past couple of months, we have hardly left the house - making groceries doesn't count. So, yes, I am becoming dough-like and run down. It is time to take control back and take care of myself. I know it can be done; I just have to be more diligent and less complacent. A part of the problem is, though this is excellent on one hand, my hubby has all but taken over cooking and washing of dishes. He makes delicious but the bad for you food. Delicious I tell you. It is so wonderful having him do this with our crazy schedule. Plus, it is way more healthy than eating out. So, I'm going to nudge him with prepping most of our food for the week tomorrow, so he can just heat up in the oven when we get home and we'll be eating healthier.

I had started doing my exercise in the mornings, and have been walking at least once a week home from school (lugging 45lbs for 5 miles). It's time to kick that up a notch. I have been packing truly healthy lunches, but running to the cafeteria for a daily hot chocolate doesn't do much for the waistline, if ya know what I mean. =)

For the moment though, it's back to my pharmacology project that is due Monday - arts & crafts! Then three different study guides to finish that are due. Then, just general studying. You're completely jealous, no?

I also applied for a job, PRN, at a local hospital. They are looking for a respiratory student who will be in their 2nd year in the fall. It's sterilizing the respiratory equipment, doing O2 rounds, and other such tasks. It would be great to get in and get more hands on and not be as scared of what will be to come in the hospital environment. Plus, it's just good to have an 'in' in the future. But we'll see what happens. It will be out of the top 10 candidates and the job would not even start until April.

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Amanda said...

Stay strong! I am on anti-anxiety meds too, and they can really mess with eating and sleep. For some reason the bad stuff is the only stuff that tastes good. Give me some salty snacks any day :)