Friday, 22 January 2010


I stopped at the thrift store looking for certain kitchen plates. I wandered to the fabric & pattern section. Well, this 60's dress caught my eye. I'm sure it was more than likely a wedding dress. The picture isn't that great but it also has sparkley-s arond the neck line and the lace is a daisy pattern. So sweet! And guess what? $6
Even if I do not keep it for myself, I could not just leave it by its lonesome there.

I also found this nightie from the 60s. $2

Seriously, the thrift store by my house has the greatest treasures that they do not even know are treasures. Both are in absolutely perfect condition too. Maybe I should start a resale site for the treasures that I procure.... or maybe I should just keep 'em!

In other random news, I have just been doing the same old same old. School, library, study, projects. I am applying for a job at a hospital. It's specifically for students who will be second year respiratory students in the fall. It's just cleaning respiratory equipment and doing O2 rounds, but experience is experience and getting in's in the hospital world is always a good thing.... not that I will actually get the job, but I would like to. Plus, they work around the school schedule and clinicals.

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