Friday, 15 January 2010

Costumes, Housework and chickens!

I had a day off today! Our instructors are receiving training and new sim programs are being installed for us. My house is now pretty straight and cleaned. I've been sewing on a new costume made from scraps, and creating a neckpiece a la a Vegas showgirl. I began this project over the Christmas break. Laundry is almost done and put away. Later there will be studying. There is always studying.

S has a man who works in his office who has, well not a farm, but he has some land and has chickens and gardens and such. S was bringing him egg cartons for his eggs. Said man is now giving us eggs. =) I missed fresh eggs. My parents have always done pretty much the same thing. They have always had about six or so chickens as pets and had so many eggs they often gave them away because they could not use so many just between the two of them. I remember having more animals around than we knew what to do with. Now, my parents have 'rescue' fowl (a duck, chickens that were abused or abandoned) and two little dogs that were dumped by them. If it were allowed where we lived we'd probably have a chicken or two running around the back yard and eggs. =)

I simply cannot wait for the snows to end so that we can get our annual veggie garden going.

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