Sunday, 3 January 2010

Back to it

Our new rotation of classes begin tomorrow morning at 7:30am. I definitely have become complacent over the past two weeks, staying up far too late and being quite lazy. Tonight I packed my lunch for tomorrow, got all of my books together and laid out my clothes for the morning. I plan on making a green smoothie for breakfast. I also plan on doing some exercise in the morning as well, even if it's just ten minutes. Dinner is also planned for tomorrow evening. Laundry is all done and put away.

I'm shooting for small goals this week. I hope to exercise at least ten minutes each morning. I also am going to try and journal my exercise and food for at least three days this week. Got to start somewhere! I also plan on attending aerial class on Friday.

I also am determined to not buy new clothes, as I have talked about. I have so much that I do not NEED anything. (Of course, this does not apply to whatever uniform items that may be required on rotations or undergarments.)

I have given up caffeine so we'll see how things go this week. Peppermint tea seems to be working for me in the mornings on giving me a jilt.


JB said...

Good Luck! Your plan sounds good and if you get off to a good start with the "New Year" hanging over your head to guilt you into it, you should do great :-)

JB said...

Also I wanted to tell you that Ru Paul is coming out with a 2nd season of Drag Race in February!!!!

Gingerella said...

What kind of exercises will you do for your morning 10 minutes? That sounds like a good idea that is manageable.

v8grrl said...

where are you?

Lapetitemort said...

Hey! I am actually in the library at school now. Looooong days, all day, everyday. Don't get home til about 7pm every night, eat, shower & pass out.

I have been doing 10 min. workouts available on exercise tv. Lots of resistance based moves, but hey, my butt and thighs were sore for 3 days from one!