Saturday, 12 December 2009

Planning that New Year's List??

I normally do not make New Year's Resolutions, but for some odd reason I feel compelled to do so. I would be very interested to hear if anyone out there is planning any changes and what they may be.

I just think that I may challenge myself to not buying any new clothing next year, like the previous post that I made. I really think that I can do it.

I am going to try and switch back to a vegetarian diet once again, although, I'll still be cooking meat for the man. He does like some of the veggie dishes that I make so perhaps I will be able to sway him to eat a few more along with me.

I definitely want to get our back yard in order and have a better planned veggie garden come spring. I do believe that we will be following the old square foot gardening method (my mom & dad sent me an old copy of the book) rather than my hodgepodge plant anywhere strategy. Our compost unit is just doing so great that we finally should be able to incorporate more in our beds too. My future vision is mini-farm, veggie & fruit in small compact area. =) If only it were easier to get permits for a few chickens in this area, I would love eggs! Plus, I grew up with chickens and miss the little buggers.

I would like to be able to sew, crochet, embroider, cross-stitch, perhaps finally learn to knit, well heck, I just want to have more time to craft.

I definitely will be using my bicycle more this year in hopes of building up longer rides.

Oh, and along with diet, there will be a new exercise regimen. The doc and I went over the pluses of a new diet and exercise strategy along with relaxation techniques.

So what are you planning? I love ideas and sharing.

On a side note: not sure if I am going to continue on with school, rather this program. I am taking the break to contemplate. Along with unplugging ventilators and life support there are a few other aspects of the job that I am not so sure about. Plus, the job and RT's here are quite different than the ones that I encountered during my six month stint at the children's hospital back home, which by the way, I adored and was the whole reason that I wanted to become a respiratory therapist. The whole outlook is like another world in a way. I am making good grades (all A's & B's) and love the academia portion, I am just having some issues with some of the duties and the way they are approached. I am fine with death in general, just not with it being at my own hand to others. I also am a very empathetic person and do not want to become as cold and disassociated as many of these folks here have become. It is quite amazing to me. Hmmm, so I am debating which road to take in this crossroads. Til break a whole week of exams, medical director's lecture on disease, and a history paper to finish.

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