Saturday, 12 December 2009

Food Fun!

After reading this post on Bitchcakes blog, I went out in search for the elusive Field Roast Apple-Sage Sausage (vegan). I found it yesterday at the Natural Grocer up the street from my house. I swear her finished dish looks so good that I cannot wait to try it. It will be a day or so though before I get to it because we still have some left overs in the fridge.

I had made a big batch of red beans and rice, minus the sausage. I did make man one link of hot on the side. The rest though is a big veggie batch of yum! Plus, I love that I can freeze portions for use later in the week.

Last night, Sam had a friend over so I made them chicken and cheese enchiladas. For myself I used the same recipe but used the Morning Star Farms Mealstarters Chick'n Strips. I have to say, the veggie version came out just as good! The dishes were really pretty too when I brought them out of the oven. I wish that I would have snapped a pic! I really have to remember those things! I would like to make this again and substitute mushrooms and spinach for the chick'n strips. I know Hubbin would love them that way!

Oh yummy food goodness!

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